Ive been putting out a call for help and this has become a bit of a cut and paste thing at this point, so pardon me.

For those that dont know, we're working on a cross-group project (Project ***) that is reminisent of the Lycos "Make Love Not Spam" project. For those of you that dont know what THAT is/was, its a screensaver that works on a windows platform that beats the hell out of spam sites bandwidth.

We're close to completion but we need some help and I thought perhaps you guys would be interested.

Honestly I dont know if this post is appropriate so I'll be as vague as possible.

Heres where we're at now:
Make as many free hosting accounts as possible from as many hosts as possible as anonymously as possible and give me a txt of the accounts and logins.

you can always find me at [url]www.informationleak.com[/url] and hit me up in the contact page.... or if you're too lazy, use "system.ini (at) gmail (dot) com" (Excuse the weird format but just because Im going after spam sites doesnt mean I need more.)

ads are no problem. I just need it to host a single html page but the more bandwidth the better... lets say a *+ gig/mo minimum as I anticipate heavy traffic.
heres a headstart:


please dont restrict yourself to just the ones on those lists...be them more likely than fine or not.
The more we can spread this out (that is, the more services we use) the better.

Just let me reiterate that I need accounts from a variety of hosts, not to be confused with alot of accounts from one service.
In other words (this is just an example):
PM or email:
Hello Halla, heres my contribution.

UN: username.netfast.org
PW: ********x

UN: username.php0h.com
PW: ********x

UN: username.**0mb.com
PW: ********x

UN: username.t*5.com
PW: ********x

Also, be careful not to make the usernames match your name, handle, have the word SPAM or *** or such in it, and watch your IP and anything silly like that that can be traced back to you just in case. Thats why God made insecure wireless signals and public terminals.

If anyones interested, please feel free to help out. This is the most time consuming part of the project and the more help we get the better.

Thanks in advance guys.