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Thread: An Interesting Story

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    An Interesting Story

    Happy New Year Everybody!!
    Well, this looks like a nice place, and a nice group of people.
    I am currently working in communist red china. Been here for about 7 years now, and got my first pc about 2 years ago. I never knew about proxies until I tried to access a usual site of mine and one day couldn't. Did some research and realized that it had been blocked by those commy bastards!! Have been playing around with proxies ever since. Usually just used safe-web, the cloak, etc. Now all of those are blocked.
    I found this one I'm using now callled 'freedom//websecure by zer0knowledge. But can only use for a while as it's a trial. Tried 'stealther' but it's too damn slow. And most of the proxy url's don't work anyway. All those places you can go to get proxy lists, I usually find don't even work.
    There's also some way to disguise the address where you want to go with a 'hex'? or something, tried that, didn't work. It's quite a situation here. Then heard about 'peekabooty', but guess they... Cult of the Dead Cow, gave up on it. So I'm not too sure what to do.
    Does anybody have any s***estions?
    If so, will really be appreciated.

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    If you're surfing from INSIDE China, I'd suspect you're being totally monitored, and I wonder if any proxy would work.

    My s***estion is: GET THE FREAKIN' HELL OUTTA THERE!
    Openly covert.

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