Hello all, this is an introductory post as well as a cry for help. My name is Meez, I am a full-time student working two jobs. I'm pretty ordinary, I love my dog and I like hanging out with those who are close to me.

I have a younger brother who loves computers. He likes playing games on them, building them, and reading about them. He's a very quiet, smart kid who doesn't try to actively harm others. He's a sophomore in highschool and wants to go to school for engineering. We're pretty close, and I worry about him a lot. Here's why:

My mother is on an angry rampage and has been ever since my parents divorce in 2007. My brother and I have suffered endless bullshit from both my parents but namely my mom. I thought I finally had a chance at a normal life away from my parents by going to college. However, this is not the case. To save space, and because I cannot do justice to the paranoid, angry, menacing tone my mother has taken in recent years, I encourage you to read her insane blogs.


the tl;dr version is I'd like to end it. It has escalated to the point where she believes I am going to murder her and is threatening to make me drop out of school. She is calling my financial aid's office, extorting my father, stealing ***** from my brother and much much more. Can any of you give me s***estions on how to destroy her blogger profile? She is so paranoid at this point I feel that if her precious sources of conflict disappeared, she would be too frightened to make anymore.

My brother lives with her and her mental health is declining so rapidly I feel I need to begin intervening. The blogs need to go, and I need to get a mental health worker to her so that she can be a mother to my brother and so that when she is too old to care for herself, I can without it mentally draining me and disturbing me.

Thank you.