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Thread: What are you doing to protect yourself from NSA spying?

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    What are you doing to protect yourself from NSA spying?

    Seems we live in a time where privacy has a totally different meaning than it used to.

    What are you doing to protect yourself from NSA spying? We'd like to hear your opinions!

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    Hi allnettools, I don't care if the NSA reads my emails etc., or listens to my phone conversations. If they want to see the cute puppies/advertisements in my emails, or listen to my wife bitch at me on the phone, then go for it. If it helps save lives, possibly my own, I'm for it. Supposedly, the info gathered can only be used for anti terrorism purposes.
    If I were doing some illegal, I would use a burner phone for instance. Encrypt my emails/hard drive/use a vpn and TOR, but I really haven't researched it much.

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    Re: what are you doing to....

    Hey Gordo,long time buddy. Interesting question you asked. There is not much to be done to protect yourself from the government snooping. However,many people are opting to use vpn's,and use more secure messaging systems protocols.
    What people need to realize is that you have more personal data in your phone usage that your computer.
    The use of vpn's are ok if you're using an off shore with no logs kept. but even tho they state they don't,you can never be sure they do keep logs.
    A good example is "hidemyass" proxy vpn. They kept logs even for paying subscribers. That's how the FBI was able to catch the member of anonymous "Sabu".
    Like you i have nothing to hide,so they can look in my privacy lol.
    jabber: gh05t*d@jabb*r.org Email: gh05t*d@hack.cl

    Internet security is as real as your Dreams !

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    Good to hear from you Noz. HMApro is the one I use.

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    Use VPN

    I use VPN service for my android. It's called Hideninja VPN. It masks my IP so no one can identify me

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    I just use a VPN when browsing, and make sure i turn the webcam around when I am having sex!

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    VPN is the only option we have to save from NSA spying. although lets be honest, they probably have a code to crack through VPN

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