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Thread: Do you use the cloud for security/monitoring/storage/other use?

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    Do you use the cloud for security/monitoring/storage/other use?

    Do you use the cloud for security/monitoring/storage/other use? There are definitely advantages and disadvantages in doing so, and we'd like to hear what you do.

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    I definitely use my cloud for storage of information and files. Can you outline the disadvantages you are on about. Cloud and vpn network is the best thing that has happened to the internet

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    Disadvantages in my mind are:

    *. Someone else controls access to your files
    2. You have to trust someone else to protect your files.
    *. You have to have faith that the someone else will be around in the future anytime you might want access to your files (i.e. doesn't go out of business, or 'pivot').

    Granted, for a lot of non-********* users, that someone else can probably do #2 better. But companies go out of business all the time. Even Google changes policies. So #* could be an issue. If you're using the service consistently you'd probably get notice of a shutdown and have time to get your files. But what if you didn't?

    So has anyone ever lost files due to a service provider shutting down? Yes. Getting hacked? Yes.

    Has anyone lost files on their personal computer due to no backups? Yes. Getting hacked? Yes.

    There are risks either way. I just feel more comfortable protecting my own data. Maybe some day huge breaches will be a thing of the past. Until then, I prefer to control access to and the security of my own data.

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    Bitdefender admits loss of usernames and passwords after cyber breach

    ** Jul 20*5

    "Internet security firm Bitdefender has admitted that it suffered a breach of ******** usernames and passwords after a hacker compromised a cloud based system.

    Bitdefender confirmed that it discovered a security issue and that "a component of the public cloud" had been breached."


    I'll take care of my own data...

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    I would also prefer to take care of my own data. I am just using the cloud for some pictures and music. I am not taking my major files into the cloud. It feels to me that the cloud may also fail in a moment. Also had the thought that people may sneak into your device through it. I just make sure to be connected to VPN when in the web to make sure that I am totally safe and *******.

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    Who doesn`t . The tech is so good that it needs to be used

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