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Thread: Key logger

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    Key logger

    Hi, I see so many posts for this. Many of the links don't work so I need to get some updated info:

    Scenario: Need to install keylogger by sending someone a file that I know they will click on it and not be too concerned when it doesn't properly work. Or send them a photo

    I do not have physical access to the computer in question.

    I don't care if the programs cost *****.
    What is the best and easiest one to use.

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    Try here
    and here

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    so with this program.
    They will only need to open the file extension and I will begin to receive reports of their key logs?

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    Talking remote keylogger

    try perfect keylogger:
    it can be deployed remotely.

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    You could try this out But you have to be careful also when you do this. You could try to use VPN to protect yourself.
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