When this malicious extension is installed in the system, and you’ll try to load a web page with Chrome, you will see an “Unable to connect to the proxy server”. Apart from this unwanted proxy change, when infected with this malicious code or program, other common
Symptoms include:
When you are visiting web pages advertising banners are also opened.
Popup appear which s***ested fake updates and restore or other software.
Web page text is turned into hyperlinks.
Unwanted programs might get installed without the users know how!!
You should always pay attention while installing software because generally, a software installer covers alternative installs. So careful what you agree to install. Always preferred custom installation and deselect or let go anything which is not familiar, specifically optional software that you never desired to download and install in the first place.
Launch your chrome browser.
Click on the menu bar after that click on the setting
Scroll down to Show advanced setting, click on it and again scroll down to the Networks
Click on the Change Proxy Setting button, a new window would pop up.
Click on LAN settings. A new window appears check mark the Automatic detect Setting check box
Click ok and close both windows.

Resolved it finally by running the following:
*. Enter “CMD” and right click CMD.exe and selected run as administrator:
2. Once in dialog box, after cursor: netsh winsock reset.
*. Ran combofix.exe
4. So far, everything is back to normal at the moment!