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Thread: please i need help

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    please i need help

    i want to hack into my friends email account , i suspect he is having a relationship with my girlfriend,, His EMAIL IS RICKNEWELMAN@**********, PLEASE SOMEONE SHOULD HELP ME BECAUSE I MY GIRL SAYS SHE IS TRAVELING AND SO MY FRIEND TELLS ME

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    If you really want to find where she is going, I s***est a gps *****er installed on her phone/car etc.

    ot: I wonder why the word sug gest is being edited?
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    That's cruel of them when they do that to you. Why don't you just ask for your girlfriends password? If she'll give it to you then that means she is not hiding anything from you. If not, then scan her phone and computer. She won't log out any social medias when its her phone so you can easily open it. GPS would also be great as she is travelling. It could be easy for you to locate.

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