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Thread: Report Phishing *.* - Making the web more secure

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    Lightbulb Report Phishing *.* - Making the web more secure

    Report Phishing allow any user to submit malicious or phishing sites for analysis to diferent security sites.
    Currently it can submit to *2 sites that will block a malicious page after review.

    List of sites:

    Added in *.* version:


    Virustotal Analysis:**d624*f2**66c02a8edac52ff52c7e7068*b0*0*5c4*474c5e**c8de62b8fd7/analysis/*44*222***/
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    Give us a break! My Kaspersky blocked an automatic malware download attempt. Not to mention multiple popups.

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    Report Phishing *.* - Making the web more secure

    If it's malicious is not on my end. I use SiteInFile Compiler to create the executable from html files.

    About the popups, this is to let users fill the captcha to submit the site.

    If the sites aren't crfs enabled i may release *.4 with some improvements...

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    Thumbs up how

    how to anticipate phising

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    Quote Originally Posted by melda77** View Post
    how to anticipate phising
    Forewarned is forearmed.

    Google defines phishing as "the activity of defrauding an online account holder of financial information by posing as a legitimate company."

    This could involve anything from someone sending you a fraudulent email posing as a legitimate online entity in an attempt to get you to log onto a site they have set up to confirm account information, or simply click on a link that could download malware onto your computer to name a couple of many possibilities.

    Here is a link to an FTC Consumer Information article that goes into some detail on how different scams are carried out and how you can prevent yourself from becoming victim to them:*-phishing
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