Hi everyone,

First post here although i've been following all-nettools for some time now and have gotten some great advice from this forum, so thank you all for that. There's something i'm hoping the community can help with - I'm looking for the best *-click "industrial" grade PC Scrubber. Something considered professional and i'm not necessarily looking for freeware as i am more than happy to pay for this type of product. When necessary, i surf via VPN and using Tor so i feel pretty confident about that from an online privacy perspective...but of course, all online activity, be it reading a blog, downloading a file or looking an pictures or graphics are indeed stored in various and sometimes hidden nooks and crannies on our hard drives. And yes, i use the latest Firefox and it is set to "never remember history" but that doesn't mean other parts of the system aren't actively recording and storing our online activities. I use SQLITE Manager to prove to myself that Firefox itself in not storing any online activity in it's places.sqlite file (the FF equivalent of IE's index.dat). However, from everything i have read there are other processes on every machine that is capturing every download, site URL or picture viewed / article read and storing that information in some form in various unknown locations on the HD. I currently use Ccleaner which does a reasonable job (from what i can tell) and it even has a *-pass free space scrubber but i want more. I want THE best program that exists that i can say GO and it will clean and scrub *00% of all possible traces of internet activity on my box and then wipe the free space.

Can anyone recommend such a "super utility"? I've done some basic research into proggys like Wise Disk, Privacy Eraser, Glary Utilities, Wipe privacy cleaner...but each seems to have its strengths and drawbacks. Hopefully the good folks of this forum can point me in a few directions.