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Thread: Microsoft warned to stop collecting excessive user information

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    Microsoft warned to stop collecting excessive user information

    France's National Data Protection Commission has warned Microsoft to "stop collecting excessive data and t racking browsing by users without their consent":

    "Microsoft is accused of not only gathering excessive data about users, but also irrelevant data. The CNIL points to Windows *0's telemetry service which gathers information about the apps users have installed and how long each is used for. The complaint is that "these data are not necessary for the operation of the service"."*6/07/20/windows-*0-excessive-data-collection-france/

    Microsoft has responded but did not deny the allegations or defend the information it collects.*6/07/2*/microsoft-response-cnil/

    This in addition to Windows *0 having been compared to spyware for it collecting the contents of users emails, files and communications. From the Microsoft Privacy Statement regarding Windows *0:

    "Content. We collect content of your files and communications when necessary to provide you with the services you use. For example, if you receive an email using, we need to collect the content of that email in order to deliver it to your inbox, display it to you, enable you to reply to it, and store it for you until you choose to delete it. Examples of this data include: the content of your documents, photos, music or video you upload to a Microsoft service such as OneDrive, as well as the content of your communications sent or received using Microsoft services such or Skype, including the:

    subject line and body of an email,
    text or other content of an instant message,
    audio and video recording of a video message, and
    audio recording and transcript of a voice message you receive or a text message you dictate."

    And just so you know, Windows, as of Windows *0, will now be considered a Service:

    "We think of Windows as a Service R**; in fact, one could reasonably think of Windows in the next couple of years as one of the largest Internet services on the planet."*5/0*/2*/the-next-generation-of-windows-windows-*0/

    As if that wasn't enough, by default the Windows *0 Windows Update Delivery Optimization uses your bandwidth to deliver updates to other users, effectively making it a P2P system:*7-windows-*0-delivery-optimization-stealing-bandwidth/
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    Its great

    This should happen , ever where

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    Microsoft warned to stop collecting excessive user information

    Good. Edge was a disaster from the get go. Though I do use it more than any other browser currently due to the fact its built in and easy.

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