By default Glype has hotlinking enabled which makes it impossible to link to proxified pages. Glype DDOS V* is a Proof of Concept that can bypass the hotlinking feature of Glype.

The main idea for Glype DDOS was to make as many connections as possible using diferent Glype instalations available in the internet. This way it was possible to create multiple connections from diferent sources to a site. The problem is that you need a super computer to handle all the pages which makes Glype DDOS V* obsolete. You can still run from your system and make http requests to a site but it won't make the server overload.

This public version comes with only 22 Glype instalations. Feel free to poke the code :/



PS: The virustotal result come positive for one antivirus i never heard of "Bkav". The virus name is "W*2.HfsIframe.C050" and this isn't a W*2 (Executable for Windows *2 bits) but yes it uses Iframes. Since when iframes are viruses???????