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Thread: Small pile technology to eliminate hidden dangers

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    Small pile technology to eliminate hidden dangers

    In order to effectively deal with the hidden risk of summer flood season, the management office of Hubei and Hubei Management Office to increase the road hidden trouble investigation, and achieved remarkable results. After the arrival of the flood season, the conservation stations in ******* Hubei will focus on the em****ment cone slope, high slope, high em****ment, tunnel hole protection, and the roof of the ditch, spoil and other important parts.

    In view of the hidden dangers found in the investigation, the four stations of the foundation were treated with small diameter bored concrete with diameter of *00mm ~ *00mm, and the foundation and slope reinforcement were carried out in the form of row or mesh pile.

    Maintenance of four standing in the construction process of conservation, timely ********* improvements, combined with different sections of roadbed filler characteristics, to take economic, efficient and rapid wind pressure DTH drill construction techniques, the entire construction process does not use water, To the strong protective effect, after grouting can effectively improve the filling of the cement slurry absorption and curing degree, which significantly improved soil compressive strength and shear strength, reducing the soil consolidation settlement and side slip The possibility.

    After continuous observation of the scene, the use of "new concrete small pile construction method" after the treatment of the original roadbed cracks without any expansion, back stability, the effect is good. The experimental and long-term observation, the use of gravel concrete small pile treatment of the roadbed, with three prominent advantages:.

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