Web Digger tool is a simple tool but requires complete understanding of each function to take the maximum out of it. This tool was been developed to increase any web knowledge by using diferent types of searches. Web Digger is the ultimate all in one kit for webs that want to search below the scope of search engines.

So let's start digging some of the main functions of it.

Google Cache - Just write a domain and it will retrieve the cached version of the site

BlueCoat Site Review - Write a domain and it will show the categorization for the site, ultimately you can request a new site review

Fortinet URL Rating - Another method to know the categorization for a site

McAfee Threat Intelligence - Just a method to know if a site is bad or good

Web Of Trust, URL Void, Sur.ly - A method to know the reputation of a site (Before registering in any site, look here, to learn more about the site)

Google Safe Browsing - Check any domain against the Safe Browsing filter

Google Mobile Friendly Check - See if your site is mobile compatible

Google PageSpeed - See what is making your website load slower

Archive.org/is - This 4 functions allow to view or save a copy of your website

Similar Pages - This 4 aditional functions allow a user to check any domain looking for similar sites.

There more to it in Web Digger tool like Website optimization, indexing, site status, reverse nameserver lookups, reports, and other features which makes Web Digger unique of it's kind. Download and check it out