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Thread: My Internet Speed Problem(Limited By housemate)

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    My Internet Speed Problem(Limited By housemate)

    Hi,I have face my internet speed problem recently. Before this,my internet top speed can reach until *00kbs. But recently, it just reach 20kbs for the maximun.
    I think is my housemate limited my speed. He is the one who be the server in my house. He claimmed that our router got some problem and can not be the server,so he is using his computer to be the server.

    Could he limits my speed? What can i do to make my speed more faster?

    Sorry for my English...

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    its possible for him to limit some packets but its most likely your isp
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    To make Internet faster on dial-up, do these simple steps. First, click Start and Run. Next, type regedit and enter. Then, browse folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Current Version \ Internet Settings and right click on an empty space. Choose New and Dword, and type MaxConnectionsPerServer. You will then be able to type in your preferred speed value. Create another DWORD and type MaxConnectionsPer*_0Server, and enter speed value. Set it and restart your computer.
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