This tutorial is how to activate web notifications and send messages to those devices. This is best used in a school network or a public place with computers to access the internet.

For this tutorial to work it only require that firefox or chrome been installed in the machine.
[*] Visit and register
[2] Create a segment[*] Obtain the html/javascript code
[4] Save as index.html
[5] Create a subdomain or register a domain
[5] Upload to a webhosting account that you own
[6] After uploading the file you should have an address like
[7] Visit and accept notification on each computer you want to enable notifications
[8] Open and send a text message

All computers / smartphones connected using web notifications should show your message.
(You don't need to test the notifications as they will work)

From now on, signup on your mobile or computer and send messages. Messages include title, message body and hyperlink.

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