To ByPass FRP (Factory Reset Protection) you just need to follow step by step procedure describe below. You just need to download the Samsung FRP Bypass Apk tool over the internet. You just need some USB drive, an OTG Cable, and a PC for this method.

Some steps to be followed to Bypass FRP on your Samsung Device
  1. Need to download Samsung FRP Bypass Apk file on your PC
  2. After the download is completed you need to copy them from the computer to USB Drive
  3. Now you need to turn on your Samsung device and follow the instruction provided on screen. You need to enter Google username and password
  4. Once that is done you need to connect your Samsung device USB cable by the OTG Cable. A file explorer will pop up in front of you
  5. Now you need to find the earlier copied Apk file and tap it. A warning message will be displayed on a screen. You then need to go to settings and disable the feature that says download from an unknown source is not allowed
  6. Tapping the file will allow the downloading and installing process to start
  7. Once it is installed you need to open it and the Go to the app where you need to find an 'erase' option. Simply tap on it will cause all data to get erased.
Hence, this will totally remove the Factory Reset Protection on your Samsung device. Now you need to restart your phone and you can access your phone easily.