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Thread: Aol and proxies

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    Aol and proxies

    How can I use proxy servers with aol? How secure and private is my surfing if I am unable to use proxies with aol server?

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    Up N. Atum Guest
    When I had AOLame I surfed with an Internet Explorer browser--NEVER theirs--used a standalone newsreader and news service--NEVER theirs--and did all my sensitive surfing via proxies set up in IE and TCP/IP. Had them as an ISP for *0 months and finally couldn't stand them anymore. Found a superior ISP for one-third the price and couldn't be happier.

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    Power Jewels Guest

    Smile May I add...?

    when I had AOL, I did as you, Up N. Atum, but also used a web-based email address----NEVER theirs :-)

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