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Thread: question on ProRat

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    question on ProRat

    to anyone that has legally bought ProRat for $200 i have a question for you. What happens when the server becomes detected by like all major AVs? Do you get a new ProRat that is updated and wont be detected? Also what kinda of features does ProRat give you, can you like flip their desktop upside down and do fun stuff to the computer? thanks
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    Hide desktop buttons,
    Hide start menu,
    hide taskbar,
    open CD-ROM,
    Make lights on keybord go crazy,
    Put circles on screen,
    add tail to mouse,
    lock mouse,
    make mouse go cazy,
    and ->flip screen<-

    p.s if n e * here has bought it, i would also like to know the file size, thanks
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    Don't bother buying prorat. They stopped service long ago.
    Check the forum, the last mails are from 2004. They leave the site up so they still get some ***** from people who are stupid enough to still buy prorat. I would like to make my servers undetected to but don't know how to do it.


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    yea i figured that, but how come they just came out with prorat 2.0 then?
    ~All I wanna do is piss people off.

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    they didnt just come out with prorat 2.0,and the file size is the same as the previous versions.The coders of this rat are all my friends and the way they do there private versions is they give everyone the same server,and when it becomes detected they send out a new server,your server will stay ud for about 2 weeks,which isnt good.

    i can make all trojans undetected by all av's except vba so if you need one pm me

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