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Thread: I ain't lying, Microsoft is spying

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    Exclamation I ain't lying, Microsoft is spying

    on you.

    Beware the Microsoft Media Player...


    M$ 'updates' its privacy policy to admit their spying (thanks Richard!)

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    have a look at this...

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    *gag* // Hey Data

    That tech reply is SUCH B*** sh**~~~.
    As always.... trust that MS knows best and MS can secure you computer best etc... why don't they just cut to the chase and tell you to drop to your knees and like it.

    It's not necessary.. it's just marketing and advertising... problem is... it creates another exploitable feature.. on a www that is already way too exploitable.

    Hey Data... what do you think of the fact that XP clearly lists the connectionless service and UDP entry ways that have ALWAYS been on windows from the beginning?

    I know they were there as far back as *8..they had no options to SECURE them (well hidden)but they were there~.

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    Everytime You serch for a missing why does microsoft want to connect to the internet? Your file is on your own pc not at microsoft. Thats just one example.
    Plenty more if you want them hehe

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    Proof of microsoft's spying

    this site, [url][/url] goes into detail about how m$ hides your temporary internet files and cookies and keeps them hiden even when you delete your cookies. It also tells you how to look for the files - try it yourself.

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