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Thread: IP Address

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    IP Address

    How do i find the IP of the computer im on. windows NT 4.

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    ipconfig on NT2000/XP

    winipcfg on *5/*8/ME

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    Re: finding out own IP

    A real 'newbie' approach. You can use this website - privacy tools, and click on environmental check as tho' you are checking out a proxy (but don't use one in this case) and you should see your own IP. This should get a chuckle from the high tech. forum members. The first time I saw mine was in a bad chatroom where IPs were shown - what a surprise! Tip: chatrooms are where you can get into a lot of trouble especially for newbies.

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    The first time I saw mine was in a bad chatroom where IPs were shown - what a surprise! Tip: chatrooms are where you can get into a lot of trouble especially for newbies

    here is a small comment on that unregistered.

    Its not coz of a bad chat room.
    It depends on the irc server u are connecting it to.

    Some chat servers allow to show ur true ip

    when u do a

    /whois nick name

    While some to protect the privacy of the user ,I will give an example


    This is not very effective coz doing a smart whois on 20*.**2.*2.* will give u the ip block registeration info from
    The ip block will usually be registered
    to a single enterprise.

    How ever this prevents a dos attack on ur ip since only the *st three octects are known.
    (For ipv4)

    Some irc servers are concerned about ur privacy and will scramble all the 4 octects usually.

    Regards Data.

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    To Data from Newbietoo - I should have explained better

    Hi Data,
    My Tip was confusing as I didn't explain the reason for my opinion. Your comments were all correct, however, in the chatroom where I visited with all IPs showing, hackers would arrive (and announce that they were such) and start with some IPs for people who appeared to be new. Well, let me tell you one such person made life for me and my spouse a living nightmare with stalking. I gave out no information about myself. It all began with an IP number!!!! I just think Newbies should be careful regarding their IP numbers, is all. I no longer visit chatrooms. I have posted some other questions on the ***rd, could you give them a look see. New to the forum - give me some time. regards, Newbietoo

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    hey ummmm..

    Im curious. What chatroom was it?

    And.. just so you know... hackers only need for you to POST a message and they can get your IP #. ( fairly talented hackers anyway)
    Hackers nowadays are using administrative tools that have severe restrictions on them and are very highly punishable if they are caught using them without permission.
    They aren't afraid however because...
    *) most newbies don't know enough to catch them and report them 2) ISP's don't give a tinkers-damn as long as you keep paying the bill and *) hackers can always FREAK you into silence. They count on it.

    WHen I was being harrassed.. they got by my firewall ( on high) and my Norton ( on high) and messed up my firewall log so it held the wrong date, making it useless for evidence. They also made one particular report show up as ONLY pings. They could only do this by using admin function stuff.

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    :( sorry about all those troubles


    You are absolutely right!! I don't know if I am permitted to give the chatroom? Will it be deleted by moderator? Well, here goes. It was Beseen. They have a series of numbered chats. And get this, one person knew that I was just viewing the text w/o even printing a message!!!! Hey, this off the point, but I think I have finally found a good proxy (checks out) [url][/url] They may switch to a small fee, which for the first time, I may go with because I feel it is sound and as secure as a proxy can be. Started with Safeweb (bad idea) - they are "down" now anyway. Take care.

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