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Thread: books

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    since im a big n00b I will ask. Do you people know any good books that talk about how to hax and stuff??? under 20 $???????
    thank you for your consideration

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    Books aren't that good...

    They're expensive,
    They will be out of date quickly as exploits will become patched,
    They aren't as good as googling.

    If you need a book, try amazon..

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    aight thanks
    d;gcml' hmf z;vlxc

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    7h* L**7*57 c4n7 h4ck m*!
    Proud to have quit playing ȧ

    If you write like a semi-literate boob you will very likely be ignored.
    Writing like a l**t script kiddie hax0r is the absolute l**t*st way to write!

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