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Thread: Check Everything abt Internet Security

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    Check Everything abt Internet Security

    “Have you been A Victim of Infidelity, Cheating Fraud or are you being stalked by someone? It’s time for you to take action and know the Truth.

    Are you being stalked online?
    Do you suspect your spouse/significant other is cheating on you?
    Have you been a victim of an internet scam?
    Do you want to know what your employees are doing on YOUR time?
    Do you have important data that have been lost and need to be recovered?
    Do you need to trace a threatening or disturbing email sent to you?

    ITSF Group is not a Leader in Internet Security; We are Plain Simple IT Security Professionals. What we believe is revealing the truth rather than getting into or explaining these *********ities!! How we do? And other irrelevant stuffs.

    Our Group Formed in 2005 December. With a View to Help the Victims of Infidelity, Cheating and Frauds. In the past We have helped more than *000 of Our Clients by providing them Solutions to their Problems and ******** Support Service .

    Whenever you need us you don need to wait for us. We are Online 24 / 7 Live Support as well as Email Support.

    The Most important point , We don call our Team Pioneers or Leaders In Internet Security , Like the other Top Notch Companies who have proved themselves being the best IT Security Industry. Our Goal is not to become the No. * But to Provide a Better ******** Service, ********* Solution and we know if we will be able to provide these tow to Our Clients We will become No * Soon.

    What We Deal into:- or Services .

    *. Email Tracing :-

    We will help you find out the true source of an Email by *****ing back to the individual that sent it, even if the Email is an anonymous one such as the most popular Web Mail Services.

    you don't have much information about the email owner. we can still provide you with a comprehensive data about the owner, probably name, location, other email address used by him/her, the ISP he uses and other relevant details. Just give us the Email and some information you have on the account holder and we will get the job done for you.

    Some Important Questions??

    Is someone using Emails to spread lies about you or your loved ones?
    For those who are receiving threating Emails or Obscene Emails
    Has someone got your Email and would not stop harassing you by using multiple identities?
    Do you feel the sender of an anonymous Email is someone you know but don’t know for sure?
    Do you want to know the location of someone you met in the chat-room, just to be sure?
    Has someone been extra friendly with your kids over the internet? Find out more about him.

    2. Password Recovery :-

    Don’t Worry! Internet Task Security Force specializes in password recovery to a great variety of computer files , email boxes (both POP* and Web-based) and many login screens. We’ll save you time, energy and ***** with a quick password recovery service.
    Cases where the password issuing (or resetting) system fails anywhere , Internet Task Security Force makes full use of its innovative and success-orientated techniques and technology to recover it without disturbing anything or anyone.

    This Service is only for those who all have Genuine Reasons to know the Password, We do deal into Serious matters. For Example this service is for few people.

    *. Spouse Cheating

    2. Infidelity

    *. Husband / Wife Cheating

    4. Domestic Adultery

    5. Divorce

    Special Bulk Orders for Private Investigators, Law Enforcement Agencies (Where IT Laws are not strong enough to catch a Fraudsters, Cyberstalker)

    For More Information You can mail us .

    *. Cyber Evidence Gathering

    Are you worried that your spouse/partner is cheating on you?
    Are you worried that your children are being approached by child molesters?
    Are you worried that “Mr. Right” you have finally met through LavaLife or is actually a dangerous predator?
    Have you been scammed by someone over the internet?
    E-bay scammers on your trail?
    You don’t want your life to be filled with doubts and suspicions! You need to stop guessing because you deserve to know the truth!

    With the most cutting edge technology and most professional cyber forensics experts, we can help you gather the evidence you need in the cyberspace to prove your suspicions or in some cases, prove them wrong!

    Whether you are a victim of infidelity, or an internet scam, tell us your story and we will always be right here to help you!

    These Services are also being Provided to various IT Companies.

    Now a days most of the IT as well as ITES Companies are worried about their ********s data , Specially the ITES Industries . The Recent News about the Data Theft which is happening with the ITES Industries specially those who all outsource their Call Center and Backend work to India China, Philippines, . Those Countries don have proper IT Laws and Practices, We can help you by gathering the Proofs to get those cheaters to be filed under your Countrys IT Law at a very minimal cost.


    64% of employees say they use the Internet for personal interest during working hours.
    Many employees & office workers steal, lie and commit computer crimes.
    Computers, networks and the Internet make it even easier for computer criminals to take advantage of your data, time and *****!
    Someone stole you data, and you want to see if he/she still has it on his/her PC.
    Want to retrieve some important data remotely from a PC ?
    Are your employees part of them? It is extremely important for you to know the answer! Try our specially designed program today to monitor your network and your employees’ computer activities!

    No other service in the world offers remote surveillance service like ours. If used under certain legal protocols, this is a powerful tool to get to know the truth first-hand.


    When you get to know someone on the internet, do you want to know more about that person?
    When your friend gives you his/her email, do you want to know if he/she has other emails, screen-names, or other online identities?
    When you are a victim of an internet fraud, do you what to know the true identity of the con-artist?
    Dealing in e-bay ? Be very very careful.
    Do you suspect someone's try identity over the internet?
    Internet Profiling is the process of discovering what a particular individual has been doing in the past on the Internet, and using that information to determine that person’s surfing habits.

    Most people assume that the internet is an anonymous place, where whatever they do could never be found in the vast realms of cyberspace. However, it is very wrong! When a person surfs the internet, he leaves “footprints” in the cyberspace.

    Our cyber forensics experts have been highly successful in identifying these “footprints”, including: what web sites the subject has been visiting; what they have written to chat rooms, guest books, newsgroups and directories; what chat programs (hey use and the associated screen names, as well as other email addresses and MUCH MORE!


    Are you concerned about your internet security?
    Are you worried there is an invisible eye watching you on the internet?
    Do you want to know how a computer system is compromised?
    Do you want your internet surfing to be truly anonymous?
    At Internet Task Security Force, our internet security consultants can offer you the most useful tutorials and products on how to make your life on the internet truly secure and anonymous. By purchasing our tutorials/products, you will be able to:

    · Send anonymous Emails that cannot be traced back

    · Find someone's Email that you have not been able to find out in years .

    · Surf websites and access newsgroups without your own ISP knowing it .

    · View banned websites in countries with strict censorship .

    · Get detailed information on how passwords and important data are compromised in the cyberspace .

    · And lots more...


    We never negotiate with anyone’s Privacy , We Never Ever Disclose our Clients data with anyone . As per our Terms of Services.

    It doesn’t matter which services you have asked for, What matters to us is providing our ********s with results and extreme excellent ******** support and service. The time frame for completing any of your requirements may vary from the Kind of service you take, For Instance for Email Tracing and Email Password Related Cases , We normally take 24 – 48 hrs . You could visit our website for more details. That’s [url][/url]

    If You have any Queries or Questions Related to Our Service, You can email us at


    If in case you think you still need some other Services related to IT Security kindly do not hesitate to mail us , We will be more than happy to assist you.

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    Nobody is going to pay for some service you claim you can do that cannot be done.

    Side note: What professional IT business is hosted by a free web service?
    7h* L**7*57 c4n7 h4ck m*!
    Proud to have quit playing ®µŃȧ©ĹŢË

    If you write like a semi-literate boob you will very likely be ignored.
    Writing like a l**t script kiddie hax0r is the absolute l**t*st way to write!

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    Our Goal is not to become the No. *
    You're doing a great job in reaching that goal

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    This is just fucking annoying hes made *0 threads
    7h* L**7*57 c4n7 h4ck m*!
    Proud to have quit playing ®µŃȧ©ĹŢË

    If you write like a semi-literate boob you will very likely be ignored.
    Writing like a l**t script kiddie hax0r is the absolute l**t*st way to write!

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    Professional companies don't spam!

    I hope his business fails!

    From a drunk Troll

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    i think his bisiness has just about faild and that is why he is spaming here!!!!!!!

    go team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets get drunk!!!!!

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