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Thread: From Newbietoo :( my proxy!!!!

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    From Newbietoo :( my proxy!!!!

    Hi All, I have been bragging about the proxy [url]www.amegaproxy.com,[/url] but I may have accidentally run into a privacy problem with them. Usually, I am here at this site, but when I went to another I moved the cursor near the tool bar for the proxy to make some security selections, and was really surprised to see Newbietoo show up in the tool bar URL space and highlighted in blue just below that space. Remember, I am at another site!!!!! What is this, does anyone know? Here the proxy is identifying me at another site showing me my "nickname" at this site!!!!!! Spooky. I have asked them for an explanation via a comment section at the proxy site with a response to a webmail address. I had better get one!!!!! But does anyone here know what happened?? As always, I appreciated your help. Regards, Newbietoo

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    it must have been in ur computers cache,i dont think it is a privacy risk.

    regards Data.

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    Thanx again Data, Do you stay up all night to help folks? (just kiddin)

    Hi Data, Thanx again. I had better calm down regarding this security stuff. I am getting weird, I think . I guess I may owe amegaproxy an apology. I think that the seminar I just finished has had something to do with it. Anyway, thanx again. Regards, Newbietoo

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