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Thread: Access computers on my network (but im not on a network i think)

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    Access computers on my network (but im not on a network i think)

    hey guyz . .i got this thing b***ling my not on a network... my internet connection is a wireless broadband connected *00mbps on my ethernet . . .but i see this computers available on my network . .how can i access this computers ?...

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    Its most likely picking up your own connection i was using cain and i kept getting the same thing over and over and it said it was wireless i was like awesome i can steal internet. But then i checked me own wireless i checked someinfo and cain was picking up the signal of my own wireless network

    And if your on a network you would be connected to other computers like a school is connected to many differet computers in the school.

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    All computers connected to your domain are defauted to 'workgroup' which is why you see them.

    The only way to access them would be to get on from a share or a program.
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