Hey guys!
I've been trying to crack Flajector 2.* (which appears to be *.0 once you download it) for several days now with no success. I run the program, and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, then, in Visual Studio, I click Tools -> Attach to process, attach the process and view it dissambled code. (The program's trial has already expired). Then I go to the Flajector, enter some false details, and click "Enter Serial". A message pops up saying "For complete registration you must restart application." Then I go to Visual Studio and freeze the application - it stops it at address 0056*40*. Then I close the program, go to HIEW, and NOP the 0056*40* address by pl***ing *0 in.
I start the program and windows gives me an error message saying it couldn't start the program.
It's really important for me, and I can't seem to get it, what am I doing wrong?
Flajector can be downloaded from [URL="http://www.flajector.com/download.html"]http://www.flajector.com/download.html[/URL]
If you manage to crack it please let me know by posting a message here, or simply email the exe to [email]misterjohnsmith*2*45@**********[/email]
Thank you SOOO much,