Hello Forum.

I am a Noob here on the site (hey everybody) and I am here to learn. Based on flamings I have read here I would be considered a Script Kiddy; but all I know is what I was taught.

I am on here to learn and apply in principal practice how to lock somebody out of their email, their game accounts, etc. The shit happened to me, and payback is a bitch. It isnt no girlfriend cheating on me drama. I'm not doing it to everybody I come across, just to the two individuals that fucked with me.

I admit, with the exceptions of script kiddy progs, I have no idea where to start. I have ProRat but don't understand the dynamics of it to emplement it. I would like to start with something basic, and from what I read email is a practical thing to exploit to the degree most profressional hackers wouldn't bother. Like I said, I'm at the bottom of the pudding cup, so help me understand.

I don't want to be a programmer, nor do I want others to do the work for me. It still baffles me that I can crack any porn site that doesnt have Serial Validation in the login (unless its a bluff site) virtually with ease, but when it comes to the nature of exploiting and things beyond progs, Im a bit lost. If getting into a non OCR site is easy, then how come email isnt? Or a game site?

I want a mentor, I want advisors, somebody to teach me, not leave comments all over and I don't understand because Im not on their level. I want to know more than just a script kiddy, using google as my proverbial friend, rolling the dice on progs that may or may not help me.

I've read about keyloggers and such, but I want to know what is the first step in understanding how to accomplish my agenda without the typical help me get into so and so's account queries because of frustration and/or lack of understanding.