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Thread: I think someone may be trying to hack my computer...

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    Exclamation I think someone may be trying to hack my computer...

    Well, title pretty much tells all. I really need some help, as I know next to nothing about this stuff. Heres a little background:

    One of my friends is an excellent hacker, and I know he's tried to hack my computer hundreds of times, he's told me. He taught me pretty much everything I know about computers, sadly I don't know much at all when it comes to hacking (or protecting myself.) I know years ago he was trying to get my IP address, and I don't know that he ever got, but I'd be willing to bet by now he has. About a year ago we had a major falling out, and since then he's been really angry and malicious towards me. Around this time, my computer started getting really b***y. I can't remember half of the things that have happened with it, but I can tell you this. We have Norton Anti Virus, and at least once a day (sometimes ten or more times a day) I get messages like this: "Intrusion detected and blocked. All communication with (IP address) will be blocked for *0 minutes." or "Intrusion: MSRPC Malicious LSSAS DS Request BO (*)." I have abuot a billion messages like these. Not all say those two phrases, those are just the most popular. The IP Address is usually different, but this is no surprise. He works as a computer technician, and has access to hundreds of computers, including computers belonging to television stations, government officials, all of it. I've done whois IP searches on quite a few, and they all come back to his ISP. Now, I know its someone in my state doing this, and I honestly can't think of anyone else here who would be trying to hack me. We live in a pretty sparsely populated state.

    Sorry if any of this doesn't make sense, like I said, I don't know much about this stuff, and I can easily mess things up. I'd really appriciate if someone could help. Just help me figure out if someone is trying to hack me, and how to protect my computer from it.

    If you can help me, please email me at [email]thestaticstar@**********[/email], thanks you,

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    Download Zonealarm the latest version and the best one there is there. Dont worry about its price ill fix you up with some software so you get it for free.

    Add me on [email]BILLABONG_*[/email] and ill help you get rid of him

    If he is as good as you say he is id say hes got a Trojan on you to make you get different messages like that and im not sure Nortan has a firewall but i dont use nortan simply for the fact its shit and it thinks everything is a virus.

    I say Download XoftSpySE it cost ***** but dont worry ill give you another program to get it for free.

    Whats XoftSpySE?

    It searches for Trojans, malware spyware and all that kind of stuff.

    Then download AVG Free this one is free but make sure you get the free version.

    Whats AVG Free?

    AVG Free is a AV that will find Virus in your system and is allso picks up alot of trojans AVG is more likely to find Trojans then XoftSpySE dunno why it just does i had *0 trojans AVG found them all but XoftSpySE found nothing. XoftSpySE will find keyloggers worms and cookies that you dont need that kind of stuff so AVG Free and XoftSpySE is a good combo.

    Download AVG Spyware Remover i hardly use it but it might find things AVG and XoftSPYse wont.

    Whats AVG Spyware Remover?

    Its a spyware remover just like XoftSpySE.

    And finally Zone Alarm is a very very good firewall it alerts you on everything when a program trys to monitor keystrokes when something trys to add its self to the registery. So get it its very very important out of them all its firewall is very advanced.

    Okay so download that stuff ill send you the cracks and ill answer all your questions.

    My Hotmail: [email]BILLABONG_*[/email]

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