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Thread: Keylogger help

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    Keylogger help

    Hi could any* tell me how can i hack a rs account with a keylogger
    My e-mail is [email]pogromski@hotmail.com[/email]

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    DevilsAdvance Guest
    Remote administrative tools such as keyloggers need to be infected on the "victims" computer and ran as the server. You would then login to this victims computer and login as a client to that program.
    You can then access information they might have entered such as there runescape account name and password.
    However, I don't know anything about runescape or if keylogging would still be active when logging into this game.

    The most common remote access programs are Sub7, Netbus, BO2K, Prorat, and some others. I would go search for them if you are trying to find a keylogger.
    Most common remote access programs like this are detected by any up to date virus detection software. If you want private keylog / remote access programs they could cost you up to $5000 or you could build one yourself..

    Go learn C++ i guess..

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