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Thread: How to use a proxy, MOVIE

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    How to use a proxy, MOVIE

    I finally decided to make a some videos on how to do certain things I get asked alot.
    I'll be making a listing of them as early as tomorrow

    Heres a link to how to use a proxy and mask your IP address in a web browser.
    Its a short, simple tut designed to answer the "how do I hide my IP" or "how do I use a proxy" question I keep getting.

    Without further delay:

    There will be several others available as well on various topics at [url][/url] in the video section.

    Hope you found the vid(s) informative.

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    I added several more, some google hacking ones and others. I am constantly adding to the list.


    Im also taking requests. If you'd like for me to make a video tutorial on something specific, let me know.

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