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Thread: Spammers' IPs - Time to Fight Back

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    Spammers' IPs - Time to Fight Back

    This thread will be constantly updated, so check back every once in a while.

    Here is a list of the IPs of many (if not all) of all the spammers of our forums. By spammers, I mean the people who use just post a whole bunch of links, or some stuff not related to anything to do with computers/technology.

    Feel free to try/do what you want with these IPs. I think these spammers deserve a bit of their own medicine, or worse. I'm not too sure that we can really do anything with these IPs, but who cares, we might as well try. Without further ado, here is the spammers' IP list (and their hostnames). I would give more information, but that would take a loooong while.

    The IP Address is: **5.2.**4.2. The host name is:
    The IP Address is: 62.*4*.52.248. The host name is: ns.km2**
    The IP Address is: 65.2*.56.246. The host name is: CPE-65-2*
    The IP Address is: 68.*78.207.*2*. The host name is: ip-68-*78-207-*2*
    The IP Address is: 58.65.2*7.*6*. The host name is: 58-65-2*7-*6*
    The IP Address is: 2**.*77.*2*.**. The host name is: pix*-nat-vlan*
    The IP Address is: 67.85.*2*.5. The host name is: ool-4*558*
    The IP Address is: **.*24.*7.*22. The host name is: *22-*7-*24-**
    The IP Address is: 8*.207.2*6.240. The host name is:

    Alright, I'm out for the night, this is pretty tiresome. But don't worry, this thread will constantly be updated.
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