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Thread: myspace help

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    myspace help

    i need to hack my own myspace, and i need help.
    A while ago someone hacked my myspace and was posting randum bulletins so i thought to fix that i should change my password and i did. since then i havent been on myspace and forgot my password. so i thought i should use the "i forgot my password" tool provided by myspace and the password was sent to my email account. i go to check my email and i my outlook express was missing, must have uninstalled a while back, so i install my outlook back and that requires a password to log back in it to check new mail, well the password that i thought was right is WRONG

    so i know i cant check my email for my myspace password

    how would i go about fixing this?
    please help

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    Well, that leaves you with no options, other than having to try to hack your myspace, which nobody will help you with, because:

    a) As of now, it can't be done
    b) If anyone tries to "help" you, it'll be a scam
    c) We can't verify that the profile is really yours.

    This thread is now locked.

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