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Thread: Finding someone's address?

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    Finding someone's address?

    Is there any way I can find out the address of people I'm chatting too online? For example people on my MSN or on IRC?

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    There's usually an option to get them to connect directly. Ask them if they want to, and if they agree, go to DOS, and use the netstat command to view your connections. You should see the person's IP there.

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    Sorry should've been more specific..
    address as in, where they live :P

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    Fatality,the chances to get that information with an IP adress is very remote.
    Tha majority of the ip adresses you will come along will be dinamic adresses appointed thru the isp. Your best best for that will be using a keylloger and or trojan,then access all the sites and email adresses that person own and has register for. WHY? HOW? Most users register using their real personal information.
    Now,let's say you have access to "victim" hotmail or yahoo account. You look in options,then personal. Their profile will give you "if you're lucky" stuff like name,lastname,adress. With that information you can find not only their phisical location,but also the home phone number. Now that we have the personal information,it's no problem to use public records for:
    properties records,taxes,court cases ect.

    Just my 2 cents
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    Internet security is as real as your Dreams !

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