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Thread: Moonbat's Guide to FrontPage Hacking

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    Moonbat's Guide to FrontPage Hacking

    Well the name says it all! This is a guide to hacking (well, pretty much defacing) FrontPage sites. I'll use a fake site called [url]http://www.candycanestotehmax.com[/url]

    Now, all FrontPage sites have a directory called _vti_pvt. It's like this:


    This directory usually contains a list of files like so. I used a random site that had the file I needed. Some of these files may or may not be on other sites:

     access.cnf              **-Dec-**** 05:42  *02   
     botinfs.cnf             **-Dec-**** 05:42   24   
     bots.cnf                **-Dec-**** 05:42   24   
     deptodoc.btr            **-Dec-**** 05:42  *24   
     doctodep.btr            **-Dec-**** 05:42  *24   
     frontpg.lck             **-Dec-**** 05:42    0   
     linkinfo.cnf            **-Dec-**** 05:42   24   
     service.cnf             **-Dec-**** 05:42  655   
     service.grp             **-Dec-**** 05:42   5*   
     service.lck             **-Dec-**** 05:42    0   
     service.pwd             **-Dec-**** 05:42   4*   
     services.cnf            **-Dec-**** 05:42    2   
     svcacl.cnf              **-Dec-**** 05:42  **4   
     writeto.cnf             **-Dec-**** 05:42   24
    The file WE need is called service.pwd. This is the file that has username/password information. It looks like this.

    # -FrontPage-
    You may have to downlaod the file, usually in a Microsoft Word (or other text editor) but sometimes you can view it normally. It doesn't matter either way.

    This file tells us the username, candycane, and the password hash (encrypted version of the password), which is K*BqMOF5w/IGY.

    The password hash is encrypted in DES encryption. You must use a third party DES brute forcer/dictionary attacker or make your own such program. The first option is our best bet. I recommend a program known as John the Ripper (for anyone who uses Cain and Abel, C&A cannot crack DES). You can get John the Ripper here:


    I'm not gonna waste time explaining how to use it. A tutorial on how is here:


    Anyways, copy down the password hash from the service.pwd file and crack it/dictionary attack it using JTR. This should yield the password in it's true form. Now onto hacking the site.

    NOTE: You MUST have Microsoft Frontpage to hack/deface/whatever the site.

    Launch FrontPage. Go to File, and click on Open Web. Type the web address of the site. Press OK and then you should be prompted to enter your username and password. Enter the username and the password you got. Click OK again. Now you have access to the site's server! Upload your defacement page or whatever. Have fun.

    Remember, don't go over***rd, and you didn't hear this info from me! Okay, yes you did. :twisted:

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    when I open the command prompt, I see this C:\Docume~*\ then my computer name,followed by >. When I type in anything I get this message. Is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm using windows.

    Would you tell me what I'm doing wrong. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tito View Post
    when I open the command prompt, I see this C:\Docume~*\ then my computer name,followed by >.
    You mean your username, I think.

    When I type in anything I get this message. Is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm using windows.

    Would you tell me what I'm doing wrong. Thanks
    On Windows, there are two ways of running executables (programs) you need to know about: double-clicking and running from the command-line. The programs you should double-click are usually programs with a graphical interface (i.e they run in a window with buttons, menus, etc.), while the programs you run from the command-line are usually programs that work from the command-line (they output text and take instructions on the command-line). You can run the 'graphical' type of program from the command-line (although it's pointless, because they're not designed for that), but you can't run most command-line-based programs by double clicking them. This is because they output a single message of text and close, different to GUI programs that stay on-screen. If you're using a command-line interpreter, the text stays.

    Back to your question, when you try to run a program on the command-line (because most commands are in fact programs), Windows searches your current directory (in your case, it was C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME) and it searches directories such as DRIVE:\WINDOWS\System*2\ for that program (for example, if you entered ping, it would search for ping.exe or another extension. If the program isn't in either of these directories, you get the "Not recognized" error you talked about. To run a program like john the ripper, you have to either place it somewhere Windows will find it (such as the system*2 directory), or you have to use the command cd to change to the exact directory it's located in. The second option is easier.

    For example, if john.exe is in C:\Test\qqq\john.exe, you would enter cd C:\Test\qqq then enter john.exe or simply john. With the cd command, you can enter absolute paths (the full path, as shown above), or relative paths (relative to your current directory, such as ..\ goes up one directory and .\ is the same directory, in Windows).

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    Moonbat I'm trying to use John the Ripper & having trouble with Dos.

    To Mike*5* thanks for the info. I wasn't typing enough into the John Folder.
    Example: cd C:\desktop\john,
    I should have put cd:desktop\john\john*70*\run\john-*86.

    Plus the C:docume~*\username> is already typed in when I open the command prompt window. I was typing in that plus the rest.....Well not exactly that. C:\Documents and Settings\user name\desktop\john and so on. Can you say dumbass.

    It also pays when you start using a computer to learn the ins & outs of it. Not just trying to crack programs. I've had this computer for 2 & half years and never messed with the command prompt.
    It just wasn't working for me and It felt stupid to ask someone how to use it,lol

    Thanks bro, John works now. One more thing, now I got all of your passwords
    to your porno sites. Just kidding, I don't have microsofts's frontpage, then I
    will, lol
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    lol @ this

    good job
    7h* L**7*57 c4n7 h4ck m*!
    Proud to have quit playing ȧ

    If you write like a semi-literate boob you will very likely be ignored.
    Writing like a l**t script kiddie hax0r is the absolute l**t*st way to write!

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    What sites does this "_vti_pvt" thing work on? I've tried several and have gotten zero results, which is very discouraging. Should i not be using I.E. browser? should I be using that microsoft frontpage editor program you spoke of?
    Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

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    Are you trying to run John the Ripper? Or are you just having DOS trouble in general?

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    Hack job...be my bounty hunter

    hey dude it looks like you are pretty respectable on this forum...im new here and been tryna promote my music im a little devious...i was wondering if you could hack into a myspace account for me and give me the password...if it works i will pay you for future hack jobs! please get back to me i can be reached at [email]miller_eletrics@rocketmail.com[/email] please hit me back mann

    who knows...if u do a good job u might be having a new job!
    Last edited by Ezekiel; 04-11-2009 at 02:42 PM.

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    this might sound stupid but how do you tell which sites are FrontPage sites?


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    I'm not sure this vuln is really that big anymore. But if you want to try anyway, use a Google Dork, like "inurl:_vti_pvt"
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    Moonbats Guide to FrontPage Hacking

    its says "anonymous" *5 gbp. Is that you?

    please forward the paypal confirmation mail to me, then i can sort out what went wrong and adjust the name accordingly in the database.

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