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Thread: personal notes

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    sigkim Guest

    personal notes

    I'm useing this forum because it hasn't had a post for a while.

    While looking over the topics and responses I've noticed that Data and Blacksheep seem to bare the brunt of the responses(followed by Newbietoo haveing his thoughtful say so's) I'm courious as to who you guys are. I don't want to know your favorite color(mine is black) or your ****** card numbers(mine is .....kidding) just a few tid bits like how long you've been working with computers, how did you earn your senior member status, do you work for the parent company of this web site?

    To tell or not to tell is of course up to u guys......and that's that.

    Have a good day folks.


    P.S. Greetings to you also Newbietoo!

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    sigkim Guest

    what the...

    I see the forum didn't recognize me as a member, well... I am


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    May 2001

    Arrow personal

    Hi sigkim,

    Believe the senior member status is assigned based upon number of posts one has made. After a certain number of posts a member may choose his/her own title.

    I've been playing with computers since **8*, and post here on this ***rd as a volunteer.

    Most here who respond to questions are merely trying to be helpful.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Smile from Newbietoo to Sigkim

    Thank you for the greeting Sigkim!! The guest notation under the names is strange and the moderators are not responding. My registration was strange as well. I have since been back to the registration page here and remembered that I did fill out everything mandatory including a good address where I received verification and additional instructions probably to prove that it was in fact my address. My IP is logged. As I recall, I was even welcomed to the forum at the left top part of the site. But!!! rather surprised when I came up as an unregistered guest. Now I do you use a proxy most times, but I have been here and "registered" using my real IP. After "registration" and using my own IP - the same result. I am allowing session cookies. I am reluctant to duplicate an error I have made by registering again only to compound my problem (dual identity). I am not allowed to send a moderator an email (because I am not registered) and I have asked for assistance from a moderator via this forum. After all, they have the info. I gave and would know the error I made (can't imagine what is was since I am pretty smart (just kidding) at filling out forms). I should add also that when I post a reply here, my password is valid. I am still going to sit tight until I know what's what. Registration seems to be a very emotional aspect of the Forum - but in my case, I did make the commitment and the moderators do have my information. As soon as someone comes on with a registered name, I notice, boom boom boom the "welcomes" follow immediately even before the members know the person (one of dubious distinction?). Perhaps another unregistered-non-member person could respond to this and tell me how they got the status I didn't want!!!!! I happen to believe that everyone should be registered. That way, when one turns into a "troll" everyone will know the name. If I can't straighten this out, I won't be posting anymore. Kind regards, Newbietoo

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    Piexa Guest

    Cool Personal stuff

    Hello sigkim...

    Yabut has done a fair share of assistance, too, but he hasn't posted in awhile.

    Yabut...are you out there?!

    I'm still striving for a personalized site status.
    Hell, these days I'm striving to post as a registered user with my avatar intact

    Been messing with (and messing up) computers since '*4...sometimes ya win, sometimes ya lose. Win or lose, just blame Windows

    I believe you and I hail from the same "hot ass desert", as well.

    's about it, I s'pose.
    Take care,
    ~ Piexa

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    Unregistered Guest

    To piexa from Newbietoo

    Your posts are wonderful!!! So logical (as Spock would say) and yet with good humor. Just a compliment when one is due. Kind regards, Newbietoo.

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    May 2001

    Arrow members

    According to the member list Newbietoo is a registered Junior Member.

    S***est you enable cookies, referrer logging, and log in. You may need to enable javascript also.


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    NewbieDoobeeDoo Guest

    Smile Lol

    "That way, when one turns into a "troll" everyone will know the name. If I can't straighten this out, I won't be posting anymore. Kind regards, Newbietoo"

    Keep posting Newbietoo. We love you just the way you are :-) If your nick should ever make an even slightly ill-humored post we'd know immediately it's a troll and not you :-)

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    Unregistered Guest

    from newbietoo to kind folks

    Thanks "guys"!!! Blacksheep, thanks for the valuable info. that I can't even get (being a unregistered non-member -sarcasm here, sorry). I'm not too worried about impersonations because the moderators certainly would know the difference. Where are they anyway? Not a good sign. Blacksheep, I will try your s***estions and if that still doesn't clear things up, then the website has screwed up and re-registering won't fix it. At least we are all equal as "quests"!!!!! Could someone with email privileges email Mr. Byte or Otto and let them know we need some help in here!? Got to get to class. Kind regards, Newbietoo

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    May 2001

    Arrow hmmm...

    Huh? newbietoo hasn't even tried s***estions?

    S***est newbietoo post message to Otto.

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    Join Date
    Jun 2002

    register/among others

    From sigkim:

    I have seen many of your posts Newbietoo as unregistered guest and I wondered why you haven't registered. Your message cleared things up. I thought you might be wary of signing up for things like I am. (AOL,yahoo and msn taught me that)

    As far as Piexa is concerned this computer situation is a kind of win loose situation. Some of the benefits include small no B.S. forums like this and the convenience of doing things at home such as purchases over the net. I bought a Gibson SG from world class guitars for 200 dolars less than I could find locally. This is good for me but bad for the local economy and the like. I could go on about this but I'm trying to keep rambling to a minnimum.

    With this freedom to buy over the net comes many risks one hasn't considered before going on-line. Privacy is a big concern,not because I'm doing anything illegal but out of principle. It is nobody's Darn businees what I do and where I go on the net! Period. Unless I choose to let them know. How dare some Ad agency stick a little snoop in my computer that tells them where I go so I (and we) can be targeted. If I was a programmer....why I would....nevermind...

    With the help of forums like this and some of the links provided here, we can all keep ad agencies out of our back pocket(as well as anobody else that I(we) don't want there.

    Ok, that's my vent for the day.

    Heres a link for everyone: [url]www.ziplip.com[/url]
    These folks provide secure email with encryption capabilities for free. Sign up is painless. They basically don't care who you are. Another one is [url]www.fastmail.ca[/url] They are based in Canada and the service is intended for Canadians but I figure they are to busy watching hockey to notice my account so what the hey. These folks don't provide encryption capapbilities, and sign up is also unintrusive.

    Newbietoo also states that he uses a proxie. I've done a fair share of reading at the various links provided here and it seems fairly complicated. My tentative conclusions are that if an individual or an agency is bound and determined to find information about an individual they can.

    I saw a story on PBS a few years ago about a hacker that was stealing ***** from one of the phone companies here in the US. He would only steal small amounts at a time so as not to be noticed(unused minutes,dead accounts,thousanths of a percent).

    A system manager came across 50 cents missing and couldn't figure out where it went. Through shere determination he investigated and eventually caught the guy in Germany(I believe)

    This criminal was useing a network of proxies and still managed to get caught. Now this is just the premis as the actual story went much more in depth but the point is he was discoverd and traced back to his personal computer. It took a few years but they got the guy and he had a few hundred thousand dollars stashed away.
    This is something your average surfer doesn't have to worry about but is still interesting in that anybody can be found depending on the investigators will,time,and resources.

    OHHH this was a long one.

    Have a good day everyone!


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    Feb 2002
    Hiya Blacksheep...you were scarce around here for awhile. Good to see you again!

    TY for the compliment, Newbietoo...I'm really much more cynical than you'd think, but at least typing out one's thoughts allows a few extra seconds of "no...wait, I don't mean it like that..." time

    sigkim...the internet doesn't have to be a win-lose situation. Just a bit of caution with what you give, a bit of caution with what you take and it's an enjoyable, educational and positive media tool.

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    Newbietoo Guest

    Well here goes, from Newbietoo!!!

    To Blacksheep, I have "everything" off, my own IP. took out username, "unregistered" and put in Newbietoo and entered my password. In case this doesn't work, you should know that my password works for posting but I am not recognized when I do other things (like click on my own IP logged). When I enter my password for those other areas of the forum, I am locked out. After this I give up!!! Sending a message to a moderator will not do any good. Have done that before. Here goes!!! regards, Newbietoo. P.S. when I say everthing, I mean cookies are enabled and the whole works. Scripts included.

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    Newbietoo Guest

    Lightbulb To blacksheep from Newbietoo

    Well, I don't believe it. My gosh, CELEBRATE, CELEBRATE!!! Oh, my gosh, this unbelievable. This is wonderful. Top of the mountain. A glass of bubbly!!! Several glasses of bubbly. Oh, wow. Hug Blacksheep (don't worry I am a "she" sheep). Newbie no more folks. Hugs and handshakes, Newbietoo

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    Newbietoo Guest

    To all

    Just had a thought!!! Don't be too upset about the "guest" thing. For me, just to finally have a "name" makes the guest thing look .....well, I don't even focus on it. Too much bubbly? (just kidding). Regards, Newbietoo.

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