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Thread: Did you say Firewall ?

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    Did you say Firewall ?

    Hi folks,

    Did you say Firewall(s), or did you you mention some proxy(ies), what about a Strong LAN Sheild (SLS), now if all those are combined together, will it become safe ??

    read the answer:


    A wise man said (after having 2 Jack Daniels with a nice Partagas D n° 4) the safest server is the one that is shut down with all power unpl***ed.

    sleep well


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    Dang, fEš·.·šEr...

    My first reaction to that article was "Why bother with all this stuff on my own computer if the Pentagon site security can be breached?"

    On second thought, though...I guess most of us aren't as high-profile as the Pentagon (or other such entities prone to being cracked).

    Not as much of a challenge to bust into and not as many nifty secrets in the guts of our computers as they've got (I mean, the whole *2 pages of my indexed baseball card collection is enormously important to me, but I doubt it'd bring much on the black market, yanno?).

    So, it's still worth the time on the privacy issues to make sure I'm not a victim of an opportunistic 'puter-looter, I s'pose.

    What does worry me, a LOT, is the thought of a bored kid who doesn't feel like visiting with granny being able to find out that the gov's got a nuke stash in Topeka or something.

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