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Thread: how to crack FLEXLM (licence)

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    Talking how to crack FLEXLM (licence)

    hai...challenge for u guys...

    can u crack this licence FLEXLM (licence)

    silhouette 2.* roto standalone (windows)-*0mb

    [url]http://www.silhouettefx.com/roto/download.htm/Silhouette_v2.*.exe?linklokauth=Ml8zL*NpbGhvdWV0dGVfdjIuMy5leGUsMTE*NTI4MjUzNSw2MS4xNi4xNzMuMTQxLDIs MSwxOTljOWNlMGRlNGRiZDcwYjY*MDZhMjQ*MmI*M2Y*OQ%*D%*D[/url]


    (windows standalone version)

    in this link u can download....

    FlexLM Licence .....(python Prog.)
    licence file name (sfx.lic)

    example licence:

    HOST sys name 00**8560f2b4 4***
    ISV sfx "C:\Program Files\SilhouetteFX\RLM\sfx" "C:\Program Files\SilhouetteFX\RLM\sfx.opt"
    LICENSE sfx roto 2.* permanent *0 issuer="Silhouettefx, LLC."
    ********=selvag issued=*6-mar-2006 replace sig="60P04505JKNFGJU
    LICENSE sfx paint 2.* permanent *0 issuer="Silhouettefx, LLC."
    ********=selvag issued=*6-mar-2006 replace sig="60PG4580MC8JHKU

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