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Thread: Crack Email Accounts Free *limited Offer*

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    Crack Email Accounts Free *limited Offer*

    Hi forum users! I'm feeling in a good mood today, so both me and my cracking group have decided to crack email passwords for free. This is a limited offer for ONE WEEK only, so please be quick in sending your requests.

    We have a very skilled method of breaking into accounts, so quantity is not a problem. Each one of you is entitled to 50 free email hacks.

    My website is:


    To request an account crack, first email the below address ONCE with the subject of 'Test' and a blank body. This adds you to the trusted addresses so we can receive further emails:


    Next, send an email to that address with the subject "FREE ACCOUNT CRACK" and fill out the form below:

    My email: YOUR EMAIL
    Email to crack: EMAIL TO CRACK

    You should receive a response from one of our team within 20 minutes. If you don't, re-send the email because we've been having server problems.

    Next, repeat all this up to fifty times for any other addresses.

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    Oh my God. You are using a template, that means you have no internet experience, and if you have no internet experience, that means you can't hack. It means you are a pathetic scammer.

    His IP is 6*.72.*42.*8
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