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Thread: Computer ebooks

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    Extreme Programming (XP) is a software development methodology that enables users, business people, programmers, and computers to communicate effectively. Perl is a dynamic programming language that lets an XP team embrace the inevitable change caused by effective communication. Perl is the fixer and doer of the pair, and XP is the organizer and facilitator. Together they help you build robust software applications efficiently. Like any good marriage, the partners of Extreme Perl support each other. For example, XP asks business people to write acceptance tests, and Perl lets the business people use their own language and tools for the tests. Much of Perl only happens when the program runs, and XP asks programmers to define what is supposed to happen in unit tests before they write the program. In this book, you'll see other examples where Perl reinforces XP and vice versa. This mutual support system is what makes Extreme Perl applications robust.
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    Computer ebooks

    Reboots happen because the cable system needs to be rebooted or a new firmware was issued.

    Also, if you want o have stuff taken off your DVR, you can do 2 options:

    * get a TiVo.
    2 buy a tuner card for your computer and turn it into a DVR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jabwemet View Post
    of course it was useful man and thx fo the link Did anyone else watch WSOP? [URL=""]peter eastgate[/URL] from pokerstars won

    i saw that i play on pokerstars myself. hit me up if you play..gcdrummer is my call sign.

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    Computer ebooks

    When you click on the SHUTDOWN button, make sure to simultaneous press SHIFT Button. If you hold the Shift key down while clicking on SHUTDOWN button, you computer would restart without restarting the Computer. This is equivalent to term "HOT REBOOT".

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    Sheela2000 Guest
    This site is only available from Russia, so you need a Russian proxy address. However, many of its ebooks are available on This repository of computer and Information Technology books contains many excellent titles and subjects covering the following topics: C#, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Algorithms, Extreme Programming, Sendmail, Exim, Postfix IDS, Snort, Apache, BIND, SSH, Samba, GCC, Oracle, Novell Netware, SQL, MySQL, Linux, Linux Securit
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    The aim of this little book is essentially to make you familiar with the hardware environment of the computer.Most people have heard of software programs, whether they are involved directly with computers or not.Many people know roughly how they work and what they are used for.However,it is less well understood.I have a few books on CN, w/o solutions and maybe a couple on the other topics as well please mention the particular books and i will check whether i have it or may be can arrange it.
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    shareen876 Guest contains details about free computer books, free ebooks, free programming books, free online books and sample chapters related to Information and Communication Technology, Computer Science, Internet, Engineering, Business, Marketing, Maths, Electronics, Physics and Science which are provided by publishers or authors on their websites legally and free of charge.
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    Try this use TypeIt ReadIt, with a high quality voice installed on your computer, to convert the books to speech and then listen to the books on your iPod. You may have to convert one chapter at a time. Converting the whole book will make one large file.
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    there is no special ebook for gate but u can download previous papers and simple summary about topics of each book
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    Rand Fishkin wrote his SEO opinion on a free SEO ebook called BeginnerR*7;s Guide to Search Engine Optimization, this ebook provides a complete overview of many of the processes, techniques and strategies used by professional search engine optimization specialists. Unveil the secret how websites gain thousands if not million visitors a day with a simple tweak and little researches.

    This SEO ebook explains briefly but comprehensively anything seo-newbie must know, such as What is SEO and how it operate, how to conduct keyword research, Critical Components of Optimizing a Site, Building a traffic worthy site, growing a site‚*64;™s popularity, and a conclusion: Crafting an SEO Strategy.
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    Highest quality computer books all of which are available for free download.

    Please remember that all titles are copyright © the author or the publisher. The author / publisher has generously allowed them to be available for free online. Please respect the terms and conditions of the copyright.

    We are constantly adding new titles so check back often. Aim is to eventually have *,000's of titles.
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    Here are some books on Web design

    HTML: A Beginner's Guide, Second Edition
    by Wendy Willard
    free [URL=""]html tutorials[/URL]
    The Ultimate CSS Reference
    by Tommy Olsson, Paul O'Brien
    Learning Web Design: A Beginner's Guide to HTML, Graphics, and Beyond
    by Jennifer Niederst
    The JavaScript Anthology: *0* Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks
    by Cameron Adams and James Edwards
    PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide (2nd Edition)
    by Larry Ullman

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    Does anyone know that where I can get these ebooks. I have checked few link which are inactive.

    Please replace them or provide other link. thanks!

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    The first post is 5 years old, so many of the links will be dead. I checked one of the later ones, on php, and it still worked.

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    .. that means i have to hit and try if to know about what the links are in work and what are not ??
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