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Thread: two firewalls

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    Talking two firewalls

    I am testing ZA and Tiny personal firewall running together ,which seems to work,
    za allows tpf to be a server
    And I like the extra features each bring
    sometimes b4 though if i turned tpf off and just ran ZA i couldnt access anything
    Seems ok now--maybe its just how you set it up
    Anyone offer any help?

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    Breaking news
    They ran ok for a while --then what has happened before--ZA blocks traffic
    Something to do with opening together or running once rebooting
    then have to uninstall TPF before things go back to normal(or de activate ZA and run TPF on its own)
    Any One help?
    they are nice to have together ,when i want it

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    ZA blocks routed traffic from my isp to me(my ip nbr at the time)
    But ----IE seems to be able to access internet when opera and mozilla dont
    Weird or not?
    Same as before--have to delete tpf and reboot to get back to normal
    Now I dont even know how I had both of then running together

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    Up until recently, I was running ZA and Sygate PF Pro together. I would get occasional hold-ups because of ZA's True Vector Service. ZA wants everything to filter in and out through its True Vector and ZA always seemed to load up faster, but SPF Pro blocks all action (including initiating ZA's True Vector) until it loads, then, sometimes True Vector didn't appreciate being put "on hold" while SPF Pro got going. In rebellion, True Vector would then "refuse" to load and operate, no traffic in or out because the two firewalls were 'fighting' to load at startup.

    It's on my "list" of things to research and resolve, but I haven't yet. I, like you, also liked running ZA with another firewall for some features that weren't necessarily covered by SPF Pro without major customization. Let me know if you find out anything and I'll do the same.


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    Arrow 2 firewalls?

    IMO it's not good idea to run more than * firewall at same time because of possible conflicts and unforseen operation since they probably haven't been tested together by coders.

    In fact a firewall can cause improper operation of another simply by being installed & not running.

    For myself I prefer * good firewall, i.e. SPF 5 Pro.


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    Tks Piexa and Blacksheep
    Re-Setup Computer and am running with TPF only---mainly because it uses less resources ,but now like it a lot ,and its features

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    Just started using the new Kerio Personal Firewall, and if you liked Tiny, then you will like this even more.

    Much more control over access, but has a steep learning curve for the newly initiated.

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