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Thread: Private Keylogger Reverse connection!

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    Exclamation Private Keylogger Reverse connection!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evilthoutz View Post
    Finnaly finnished my new keylogger!!! this version has reverse connection which allows the user to connect behind routers/modems. You dont need there ip because it will automatically connect once they open the server! once ur connected you will start receiving keys once they begin typing
    Ever heard of UPnP? Reverse-connection is old news.

    link for Video its in zip because its set for windows media player. not everyone has mp. Also this is a avi video type! This keylogger cost 25$ for lifetime use i only accept paypal. If you have questions email me at [email]bosh*2*[/email] Thank you
    Actually, AVI files can be played by many media players, including VLC.

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