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Thread: Some Good file Binders ( joiners)

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    Some Good file Binders ( joiners)

    ok people,since i mentioned the trendy nigger binder i got lots of emails. Well today i'm giving you guys the download link,and also i i'm including some others. Some i tried,some not.
    (For educational purposes only) last time i checked all links were working
    SOY *.0 private binder




    password: indetect
    Trendy Nigger Binder *.0b ( my favorite)

    nighwolf undetected binder


    password: RX%Jm**5#G7Y4v*IZ&4uUn5pq2?$&D*X
    jabber: gh05t*d@jabb* Email: gh05t*

    Internet security is as real as your Dreams !

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    After reading some of your posts, you seem to be the most knowledgeable about Trendy Nigger Binder *.0b. I think TNB is a great tool and it's perfect for what I want to do; to bind two exe files together (one my server build exe and the other a game hack loader exe), have the server build exe extracted to the system folder, have the game hack loader exe extracted to the current location, and for both to automatically run.
    The downside to this great tool though is that it's detected by AV. My server build is undetected, but after I bind it together with the game hack loader exe (not malicious), a AV scan results in detections.
    Is there any way or methods of making the TNB output exe file undetected?
    Does the 'Drop stub to path' feature help in doing this? If so, can you please explain what that feature does and how to exactly use/apply it?
    Also, same with the 'Build using custom stub' feature?

    - rS

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    lol dropping the stub just takes it out of the program so u can undetect it and then put it back,if u have no knowledge of makeing uds then dropping the stub wont do u any good

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    thats the trouble with free binders, they are soon detected. If you don't know how to make it undetected, you will probably have to buy one. Here is one that I use. [url][/url]

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