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Thread: HELP!!! i.p troubles

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    HELP!!! i.p troubles

    okay here is the story
    i have a "stalker" which is probably a *2 year old geek
    but still it really shits me and i wanna know the details of this oo so scarey stalker of mine.
    now i have thier i.p address. i did a search and the only info i got from it was the server addy. does this mean its a proxy ip and is there any way at all i can ***** this fucker down?PLEEEASE help meeeeeee
    my e-mail is [email][/email]

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    8mail Guest

    Smile .

    whats the IP ? maybe I can help you ***** down this clown.

    i'm too to lazy to email you, so just post the addy here.

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    Unregistered Guest

    IP IS...

    Thankyou for your reply.
    okay well if you wish to help me perhaps it is best if you give me your e-mail address because i will be bothered getting in contact with you.
    but the i.p is 6*.*2*.24.250
    please reply back asap

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    what if that isn't their i.p?!
    what if the number i gave you is only the servers i.p....that means we will only get the server addy wouldn't it.
    i'm really confused.

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    The Clown's id

    Hi... Was just browsin through and decided to help.

    6*.*2*.24.250 is some guy in Corsicana, TX 75**0 from a company called Pflash, Inc

    Node name is:


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