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Thread: Source code

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    so it seems to me theirs no hope for this source code lol
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    I'm guessing it's some badly written code.

    Either that, or the guy made mistakes on purpose so only experienced code gurus would know what to do with it. Either way, I'm not sure.

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    instead of //psuedocode <-- try -->//pseudocode <--??
    //psuedocode, may not be correct syntax, but a general idea
    int blah(x)
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    Nah noz, that was just a comment. In C++, comments are text that is ignored by the compiler, like labels on the code that don't affect the final program. Comments in C++ are either the whole line after // or between /* and */.

    I've also come to the conclusion that it was badly-written code. I s***ested a few things though which he could have tried, and he could have included the full error messages.

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