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Thread: password cracker??

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    password cracker??

    anyone know of a working password cracker for myspace? I am having trouble finding one i have a fakelogin screen but there is someone else i want to hack that wont fall for the fake login screen

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    You think the person will fall into downloading a screensaver?
    I can send you the latest ardamax keylogger and a keygen. All you have to do is find a nice screensaver,copy a picture of the screensaver,and bind the .exe file with the scr.exe file
    My email adress is posted somewhere in the forum,i forgot wich
    NOTE: password cracker won't work on myspace,it will lock the account in the 5 or 6 attemp,since is not acceptin brute forcing or diccionary attacks.
    jabber: gh05t*d@jabb* Email: gh05t*

    Internet security is as real as your Dreams !

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    FOUND A MYSPACE PASSWORD CRACKER SUPPOSEIBLY IT WORKS I SCANNED IT AND ITS CLEAN. but i can not figure out exactly how to use it im a little confused

    topic link: [url]*247*[/url]

    hidden download link:

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