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Thread: Proxy check website + city/country locator

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    Cool Proxy check website + city/country locator

    I found this free website [url]http://www.analyzer.homeunix.com[/url]

    you can perform whois checks and will auto-detect your
    current IP and city/country (useful for anon proxy check)
    just like [url]http://www.all-nettools.com/pr.htm[/url]

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    Angry Re: Proxy checker

    Have you actually checked out this site!!!!!!(Hell.com) (Vipar@verio.net) Nothing like all-nettools. I do not appreciate the Forum being used in this way. S***est those who choose to check it out to go via an SSL Proxy and chain proxies if you can. Very disappointed. Just reminds us all, that you can't trust URLs unless given by named and registered Forum members.

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    Re: proxychecker

    does not exist, as such. Domain and Server do not resolve. Instead, http:[url]www.the.[/url] final.org/JUMP/x.html ([url]www.mandrakeforum.org[/url] (advertisement) or same with .org/log for temp. f. Most checks result in advertisement. Agree with above guest - AVOID. For the benefit of new folks going in without a "cloak" of sorts. m

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