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Thread: Need help getting source code for mysql.

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    Need help getting source code for mysql.

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    • Disable javascript. This might prevent the page from redirecting, thus making the browser hang at the desired page.

    • Disable meta redirects in your browser. The site may be using meta tags to redirect the pages, although it's unlikely and they could still do it via headers.

    • Get the Live HTTP Headers extension for Firefox, capture the consecutive requests, select the one for the page you want and copy its HTML code to your computer.

    • Run a packet sniffer; do as above.

    • Use telnet/netcat/whatever to make the requests yourself and pipe the source into a file.

    • Wget the page.

    You mentioned MySQL, but just in case you didn't know, server-side scripts (such as those containing SQL queries) are executed by the server and are securely hidden to the user. All you get in your browser is HTML code (or an equivalent) that displays information and allows you to interact with the page and the server. The sensitive work is done on the server, such as connecting to databases.

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