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    Tutorials Section

    The 'Tutorials' forum is a place to post tutorials either written by yourself or written by someone else. In the case of posting someone else's tutorial, you should give clear attribution; a "Written by [author]" line at the top with a link to original document should suffice.

    Aside from posting tutorials, feel free to comment on the tutorials (in the respective thread) and s***est improvements to the author (again, keep it to the original thread).

    What follows is a list of things this forum is not for:
    • Tutorial requests
    • Links to tutorials
    • Advertisement of tutorial-related websites -- this forum is for content, not spam
    • Plagiarized content
    • Anything forbidden by the global 'All Net Tools Forum 2007 Rules' thread.
    • General discussion of any topics -- this should be placed in one of the other forums

    When such posts are made, they'll be deleted, edited or moved as per our forum rules. I believe it was D. Parker's intention for this section to be a valuable resource for security, programming, hacking and everything computer-related, so please try to follow the rules. Remember, this isn't a general discussion forum; it's a place to share useful tutorials. Keep the usual discussion (or anything you don't consider to be a tutorial) to the other forums, and come here when you have a tutorial to post.
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    Tutorials Section

    Thank you -- pirate King . Now i am more charllenged to look for more tutorials and post here. More and more cleaning related tutorials. Which will involve a lot of reading and getting background info on scanlating and cleaning- --- yaaaaaaaarrr

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    Quote Originally Posted by agunawanika View Post
    no spamming....
    Says the person with a spam link in their signature...
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    Tutorials Section

    Give me good tutorials to learn the basics of openGL.
    with ms visual C
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    Do you have any right to prevent others freedom of speechA***;
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    Quote Originally Posted by angler View Post
    Do you have any right to prevent others freedom of speechA***;
    At this site we do.

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    If you decide that's your thing check out some books like Murach's HTML, XHMTL, CSS book and pick a server-side language like PHP, Java Server Pages, Python, or ASP.NET. I recommend PHP, because ASP.NET must be on a Windows server and Python (or Perl even) are for Linux servers, but PHP is either one. Java Server Pages is a good one to learn simply because there is not as many people out there competing for those jobs, while PHP developers are much more common. JSP runs on Tomcat Apache, which would be on a Linux server also.

    I am big Linux fan, but ASP.NET is kind of cool and much easier to learn. ASP.NET is in high demand, but of course that means there are a lot of ASP.NET developers out there to compete with. So, you got to be very skilled and also be able to use ASP.NET with Visual Basic and C# to be taken seriously and make the better *****.
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