This forum is for discussion and sharing of viruses, Trojans and other malicious software.

Feel free to:
  • Post questions regarding malicious software.
  • Discuss programming of malicious software.
  • Post problems using or creating malicious software.
  • Discuss defence against computer threats.
  • Talk about antivirus and firewall software.
  • Discuss computer vulnerabilities.
  • Share exploit code.
  • Share links to malicious software (clearly labelled as malicious).

Do not:
  • Post links to malicious software disguised as something else.
  • Ask people to help you use malicious software to attack a computer you do not own. This makes us accomplices to crime.
  • Admit to any illegal activities you have taken part in, as this puts this website, us and you at risk.
  • Request malicious software (such as RATs) without conducting your own research first. Google is your free research service; we are not.
  • Request or post pirated software or cracks. This is not a cracking forum, and would easily get shut down if we started allowing illegal content like this. As well as that, we do not work for you! We don't feel like cracking software at the whim of a stranger on the internet, not do we feel like giving you something that could be found in *0 seconds via Google, a torrent search site or any number of other methods.

In addition, please read the full forum rules before posting.