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Thread: Sharing of internet

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    Sharing of internet

    Erm, hi guys i got a little problem that i need to seek for help. *Sorry for my poor english*

    Me and my brother found our old pentium 2 laptop few weeks ago(under our bed). He was thinking that of we could share internet connection between my Stupid old laptop with the new PC we had just bought. The laptop has a internal modem (Lucent Win?), and my PC is using a Ethernet modem for internet connection. So, anyone can.... help? Any s***estions would be appreciated.

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    The best way to share an internet connection is by buying a router. Windows offers internet connection sharing, but I've always found it pointless as one has to be switched on for the other to use the internet. If you've got one switched on (and they're relatively close due to direct ethernet connection), why bother using the other?

    So my advice is to buy a router and a couple of ethernet cables. That is, if you have broadband (who doesn't these days?).

    If you have dial-up, it's pointless to share the connection.

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